Nordic Representation Office, United Nations Development Programme

Camilla Brückner has more than 27 years of development policy and management experience in Danish and international organisations. 

Camilla Brückner was appointed Director for UNDP’s Nordic Representation Office (NRO) in February 2012 having previously been Deputy Chief of Staff and Deputy Director for UNDP’s Executive Office. Prior to that, she served at the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs for 13 years, heading divisions at the UN mission as Deputy Permanent Representative and earlier in the department of non-governmental organisations and civil society relations, the department of humanitarian affairs and the department of development policy. 

As the Director for the NRO Ms. Brückner is responsible for developing and deepening the partnership with UNDP’s Nordic partners (Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Iceland) and main core donors. This involves both policy dialogue on all areas of UNDP’s mandate, advocacy and communication with the Nordic Governments, civil society, media and private sector. 

Ms. Brückner’s previous professional experience also includes posting as a national expert in the European Commission, in the Humanitarian Directorate General and as a research fellow at the Centre for European Policy Studies. 


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